Consulting and supporting Homebase’s transformation plans across all digital platforms.

Homebase Cosmetics. Photo by Spacejoy.

The Challenge

Homebase was at the beginning of a multi-million pound digital uplift and drastically needed to improve journeys across all digital platforms.

This included a digital replatform, a digital rebrand, delivery of a brand new ecommerce website, multiple apps and much more.

My Role
  • Design Strategy & Consultation
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Team leadership / management
  • CMS & Front-End Development
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Prototyping & Testing

Alongside the digital replatform we were also involved with partnering with multiple different agencies to explore new and innovative ways to enhance the Homebase experience.

Digital Rebrand

Whilst working at Homebase (pre Bunnings) I, alongside a team of designers, was involved in the early stages of the brand redesign. The initial designs of the website / main commerce journey had already been designed and signed off by various stakeholders therefore slowly being put into production.

My job was to support by stress-testing the designs already created and back-tracking to cover the edge case scenarios that were not covered.

Pages covered included:

• Brand landing & sub pages
• Habitat brand store
• App landing pages
• Grand designs landing page
• Enhanced banners elements (for multiple promotions)
• Homepage refinement including USP's blocks
• Various PDP designs & Localised versions
• Basket & Checkout redesign (multiple items & stock levels)

Homebase Digital Rebrand
Homebase Digital Rebrand

Once done and launched we collated all the strategy and assets into digital guidelines and an online design system, nicknamed "Aurora" for others to access resources and use.

The next thing was to start exploring other innovative concepts such as:

• Homebase commerce app
• Plant match app
• AR app
• Inspiration Centre
• Custom wallpaper

Homebase website with Habitat Sub brand shop

Inspiration Centre

The objective was to create a hub where users could go / return to get inspired about their homes, see what is trending and begin curating ideas for their own projects. It would also be the place that houses blog post content as well as other customer stories.

By working with several departments and utlising insight into what customer tend to look for; this inspiration centre went through many iterations before being launched and maintained seasonly. It would also be the first time we introduced dynamic features into the website, such as interactive / shoppable products on images, colour palletes and breaking the grid content to allow for more engaging experiences.

Thoughly enjoyed working on this from conception to launch and seeing it quickly become a backbone to online activity on the website.

Homebase Inspiration Centre Design Homebase Inspiration Centre - Room / Trends
Homebase Plantmatch App


Collaborating with TAB (now acquired and going by Kin & Carta) we managed to create an super simple yet functional app that allowed users to find ideal plants based on their knowledge and lifestyles, exclusive content from events such as Chelsea Flower Show, and adding their favourite plants to their account LoveList.

The app utilises animated iconography with simple yet clear UI, allowing for easy browsing and maximising big, full images where possible.

Plantmatch App Design
Homebase Plantmatch app inspiration screen
Homebase Plantmatch app find a plant screen
Homebase Plantmatch app find a match screen

AR Concept App

Collaborating with Happy Finish Agency, we looked into innovative ways users could shop and experience the delight of homebase products.

With the use of AR (note this is 2013 so the idea was fairly unused in the world of technology) we developed an app where users could hand pick multiple products and visualise how they could look in their own home before purchasing.

AR Concept App Design
Homebase Plantmatch app inspiration screen
Homebase Plantmatch app inspiration screen