Design consultation to drive effective and rapid innovation with the UK's best mobile data network‎.

3x Kids looking at mobile phone on lap. Photo by Vodafone

The Challenge

Whilst working at MMT Digital, I was involved very early on the Vodafone project initially as a Design / Agile consultant.

This quickly expanded as multiple project streams came to life; including exploring innovation concepts, redesigning key points of the purchasing journey on the main Vodafone Website, design UI components for the internal design system libraries and much more.


MMT Digital



My Role

  • Design Strategy & Consultation
  • User Experience Design
User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping & Testing

Working alongside multiple agencies and internal team members, this was a collaborative effort across all streams of work to help deliver transformative business performance at Vodafone.

Design Consultation

Whilst replatforming the Vodafone eCommerce platform (B2C Retail), I was involved with ensuring all designs / design components received by the global teams were adhering to local user needs.

This meant testing and re-designing what we thought was questionable to local users; A/B Testing page layouts, UI component, tiles, interactive animations and many more elements until we had enough insight to feed back to global teams to help inform more localised design solutions.

What was successful was then added to our newly built design system (WS2.5) which, whilst working alongside a number of developers and SEO consultants, was being rolled out across the live site in agile iterative releases.

Vodafone Mobile phone designs
Vodafone Web Page Designs
Digital Devices with latest Vodafone Design

I was able to focus on key points across the purchasing journey to help improve customer experience and conversion in a variety of ways:

Product Pages:
Emphasising on improving the users choice in colour select, out of stock scenarios, accessories, reviews and up-selling bundles.

Best Smartphones:
One of the most popular pages on the site; focusing on the compare function along with experimenting with interactive animation styles.

Reviews and Overlays:
A popular function that's being used across the site for multiple scenarios including Top-Ups, Reviews and Cart Confirmations.

A key page for all telecommunications companies that cater for large traffic of returning users and huge up-sell opportunity.

Vodafone eCommerce Website Design
Vodafone eCommerce Website Design

Vodafone TV & SIM Only page:
A huge demand for Vodafone and a key area of up-sell that needed looking to improve.

Error pages:
A fun take on some of the typical error scenarios users may encounter on the website.

Thank you Confirmation Emails
Completing the purchase journey by ensuring the confirmation emails were consistent and on brand.

Basket & Checkout
Optimising & testing a new improved checkout to ensure we cater to the edge case user scenarios.

Vodafone eCommerce Website Design
Vodafone eCommerce Website Design

Project: Teleport

Spearheading majority of the innovation streams of work; this project was to conceptualise and improve the log-in experience for current existing app users online, using Whatsapp Web / Desktop as inspiration.

Vodafone Web user flow for Log-in  Journey Vodafone Concept Wireframes for Log-in User Journey

Project: Chatbot

I was fortuanate to have collaborated with a great team to help develop early concepts of Vodafone's now award-winning chatbot - with a keen focus on refining the UI, journey-flow, as well as experimenting with different naming / branding to see how this would be received by users.

Vodafone Web user flow for Log-in  Journey
Vodafone TOBi Chatbot - Early mobile concept
Vodafone TOBi Chatbot - Early mobile concept
Vodafone TOBi Chatbot - Early mobile concept
Vodafone TOBi Chatbot - Early mobile concept
Vodafone TOBi Chatbot - Early mobile concept
Vodafone TOBi Chatbot - Early mobile concept
Vodafone TOBi Chatbot - Early mobile concept

Project: VOXI

Vodafone wanted to compete with other networks and target the younger age range of 16-24 years in the shape of a new, bolder brand. Before large scale budgets could be approved and invested - the concept needed validating.

My involvement spanned from leading research, strategy, requirement scoping, mapping out user flows of different activation journeys, creating prototypes and testing.

User testing provided positive insights; highlighting key findings, areas of improvement, and most importantly validating the concept to proceed further as a separate brand from Vodafone.

The results lead to the 'green light' in development of VOXI, the now award-winning new mobile phone network for students with unlimited data for social networks.

Photos of various workshops, showing sketches and notes on whiteboards Early wireframes of the Voxi mobile Prototype Early concepts and visuals of the Voxi mobile Prototype