Avon Cosmetics

Consulting, designing and playing an influential role within Avon Cosmetics UK digital transformation plan.

Avon Cosmetics. Photo is shot and courtesy of Avon.

The Challenge

My role at Avon varied signifcantly day to day.

From managing multiple teams daily upkeep of BAU (Business As Usual) to delivering brand-enhancing creative for tier 1 product launches, large seasonal campaigns as well as engaging in high level strategy for innovation & building relationships with global teams to wider influence design decisions for digital transformation.


Avon Cosmetics (UK Team)



My Role

  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Analytics & CRO
  • Team Leadership / Strategy
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • CMS & Front-End Development

During Avon’s digital transformation journey (2018-2020), I worked to bridge together many siloed internal teams, external agencies and various other departments to support in delivering a number of key initiatives that positively impacted revenue.

The Process

The team, consisting of 10x designers (permanant and freelance), were covering a wide range of work that spanned across all sectors of the business. Each stream of work ran independently with different cycles of releases / updates:

• B2B legacy CMS & various platforms for reps
• B2B website
• B2C website
• Outbound emails
• Social media content
• Marketing banners
• PPC campaigns

This was very time consuming, leaving little time for the team to innovate and enhance creative. I implemented mini-agile strategies to align workstreams and prioritise workload with stakeholders.

This quick-win allowed us to regroup as a team more often, allowing me to coach and mentor the team, individually and as a collective, to work more efficiently.

Avon influencer landing page design
Various Avon Banner Designs of products
Avon Letterbox Looks landing page designs

With this additional time we looked to ‘think outside the box’ and implement CSS code within the legacy CMS to create a more coherant and consistent mini design system. Through trial and error we were successful and began implementing out across the multiple digital touchpoints for consistent UI as well other enhanced responsive elements such as:

• Fullwidth banners
• Parallax banners
• Fullwidth landing pages
• Interactive hover effects
• Micro animations

This quickly became noticable and an example for other global branches of the brand, that would often reach out for us to knowledge share.

These new elements all aided in contributing to many tier one product launches & campaigns, some of which achieved great profit & margin including:

• Letterbox Looks launch
• National Lipstick day
• Akantha Smart watch
• Sali Hughes Podcast collaboration
• Distillery brand launch
• Adapt brand concept
• Christmas
• January sales
• Black Friday
• Cyber Monday / Cyber Week
• Breast Cancer awareness
• Avon 60th anniversary
• Foundation finder
• Instant brochure landing page
• Powerstay lip / AR virtual makeover
• And many more

Avon Landing Page mobile concepts
Avon Landing Page mobile concepts
Avon Landing Page mobile concepts
Avon Landing Page mobile concepts
Avon Landing Page mobile concepts
Avon Landing Page mobile concepts
Avon Lamptop with Black Friday Landing page

Innovation and CRO

Being a globally lead company with a website infrastructure for sites worldwide, things were not as simple or straight forward when making updates.

I was able to lead a number of initatives (with the help of external agencies) that A/B tested concepts on the UK site. Concepts that proved to positively increase CTR (Click Through Rates) or conversion were kept live and fed back into the global teams to implement.

Some examples include:

• New Mobile Navigation
• Trust Signs / USP Strip Positioning
• PDP Redesign / VAT Messaging
• PDP Scarcity / Incentive Messages
• PDP & Checkout X-Sell Bundles
• Checkout & IMB Checkout Redesign
• Product Tile Labeling

Avon Mobile Design Concepts of New Navigation and PDP
Avon Concept Design of PDP Bundles Avon IMB Checkout Design Avon Desktop Checkout Page Design