Dead Prez: Information Age

Visualise and strategising the release of the anticipated third album from legendary abrasive rap duo dead prez.

Dead Prez Information CD Cover and T-shirt merch

The Challenge

The infamous Dead Prez required a certain aesthetic for their highly anticipated third album ‘Information Age’ which was a bold, sonic shift for the provocative hip-hop duo.

My Role
  • Design Consultation
Art direction

  • Graphic design
Strategy & marketing direction

The artwork had to embody everything that group stand for yet also convey the new message of evolution, change, positivity as well as attempt to break genre limitations and reach out into new areas with creativity.

The Process

After numerous late night skype conversations, discussing ideas and references to be included, I went away and began sketching up rough ideas on how to combine all these elements to form one composition or mural.

From this point I began designing in as many different styles as possible to explore what would artiscally fit.

I must have done upwards of 50 different variations. From abstract, illustrations to full on photo realistic renditions.

The final cover was an iteration of real photography and illustrations layered together to form and work as one.

For example, the fire and DNA molecules being illustrations, layered with real images such as the hands and the main Buddha statue to emphasise a more realistic connection.

Dead Prez Information Age Album cover variations
Information Age Design Layout
Dead Prez Information Age Album cover

The cover embodies a plethora of messages; chaos on the outside with the message of calm and enlightenment at the center; symbolised by the Buddha and lotus flower.

The background also encompasses a grounding background is made up of ancient sands, hieroglyphics overlayed with digital circuit boards to give that contrast between old and new. Past and Future. Ancient and Tech.

The client was that impressed with the final outcome the initial brief was extended to a complete booklet of artwork.

Once complete we then worked together to formulate a marketing strategy and what assets would be needed to support the launch, making my involvement full circle from start to launch.

Information Age single cover - dirty white girl
Information Age social profile promotion
Information Age social banners and marketing promotion

Far from a 'digital project', instead this fast became a complete passion project for me. To work with inspiring artists and create something that is timeless. Seeing artwork I created on worldwide scale on platforms such as iTunes and Wikipedia was and still is hugely gratifying.