eCars 24/7

Designing a brand and commerce website for the UK’s first online-only second hand car dealership.

eCars 24/7 branding and website case study. Photo by

The Challenge

eCars 24-7, a sister company of Georgeson Cars, needed a bold brand designed alongside a state of the art commerce platform to enable the dealership to become the first online-only second-hand car dealer in the UK, and the first in the world, to offer e-signature functionality.

My Role
  • Design Consultation
  • Research & Insight
Logo & Branding
  • User Experience Design
User Interface Design

eCars 24/7 wanted to offer customers the opportunity to buy second hand cars as well as take part-exchange offers, make a finance application, receive approval and book delivery all in one place; via a seamless customer experience.

Logo & Branding

Early Sketches concepts of eCars 24/7 Logo

Early sketch work exploring possible concepts, iconography and layout. The identity had to be strong and recognisble, yet also not be mistaken and easily translated online to offline. Potential concepts were quickly developed, refined, user-tested for feedback and then brought to life.

eCars 24/7 logo development
eCars 24/7logo development
eCars 24/7 logo development
eCars 24/7 logo and branding


Starting with the point of conversion and impact we began wireframing the car details page (PDP) and the lister page (PLP), with a key focus on the search and filter.

There’s a lot of statistics and information an user needs when perusing for cars. So we needed to incorporate and organise the content in a way that the user could access easily without being too overpowering and distracting.

What followed were weeks of refinement, ironing out user flows, finance integrations and functionality, ultimately leading into how that user experience would work and create a seamless shopping experience when purchasing a vehicle.

Once these components and functional elements had been confirmed, I then began to design the fundamental pages within the purchasing journey as well as stress testing the branding, evolving it to ensure it was fit for purpose.

Further marketing assets were also designed, such as email and social templates to coincide with the launch.

In order for a proactive handover, I decided to compile all the UI elements into one boilerplate template for the client and developers to use willingly and also allow for future scalability when iterating after an MVP launch.

eCars 24/7 website product page wireframe
eCars 24/7 eCommerce User Journey
eCars 24/7 eCommerce Design
eCars 24/7 eCommerce Design
eCars 24/7 eCommerce PLP